• EUROLIGHT is a high-tech coating designed to colorize and protect the protective headlamp hardcoat form wearing out. Eurolight works on polycarbonate and glass headlamps or fog lights.
  • EUROLIGHT is colorimetrically tuned to comply with FMVSS #108 and SAE J-578 using ASTM E 308-66 standars.
  • No Sanding is requierd because it chemically bond on the molecular level utilizing KONEXIS crosslinking nanotechnology derived from aerospace applications.
  • The Coating will not optically dull or yellow like clear bra products. This is not a sheap Paint. There is no product like this in existence.
  • EUROLIGHT is fully removable with our special remover. If your headlamps are yellowed or dull, you are required to restore them using GLASSYLITE.


Kit Contain Gloves, Tape, Pipette, Remover, Preparation Compound, Primer, Color Coat, Applicator and Instruction Brochure.






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