Front Lips


  • Perfect contour OEM fitment
  • Made of high quality polyurethane, doesn't crack
  • Sport appearence and paintable to match your vehicle
  • Light weight long lasting durability
  • Brand new sealed package

DescriptionPART #
Acura Integra 94-97 Front Lip17-1007
Acura Integra 94-97 Front Lip Mugen Style17-1007-M
Acura Integra 98-01 Front Lip TypeR17-1005
Honda Accord 94-95/Front Lip TypeR17-1004
Honda Accord 98-02 2dr/Front Lip TypeR17-1011
Honda Civic 92-95 2/3dr Front Lip TypeR17-1000
Honda Civic 92-95 2/3dr Front Lip Mugen Style17-1000-M
Honda Civic 92-95 4dr Front Lip TypeR17-1009
Honda Civic HB 3dr 96-00 Rear Lip17-1008
Honda Civic 96-98 2/3dr Front Lip TypeR17-1001
Honda Civic 99-00 2/3dr Front Lip TypeR17-1002
Honda Civic 06-08 4dr/Front Lip Mugen Style17-1006
Scion TC 04-08/Front Lip TypeR17-1003






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